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"If You Build It, They Will Come" is a startup fallacy.
D vs. M is a personalized SEO consultancy that'll help you get hundreds or even thousands of targeted visitors each month.
Simple, effective, affordable, and made for techies like you!

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"Thanks to Bart we've managed to reach our annual targets in just six months. It's one of the best marketing investments we've made to date."
Una, Dublin Airport Authority

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Hi! I'm Bart!

I've been a marketer for 14 years and a full-stack developer for 7 years. By experiencing both worlds, I've seen tech founders' frustration when trying to succeed in marketing without the results. If you can't get people to see your project, then even the best tech stack won't save you. Here is where I'll assist you.
D vs. M will push your website to the top of the search engine results. After all, 51% of all web traffic starts in search engines. I'll deliver developer-friendly service that's personal and transparent!
No empty promises, overblown budgets, or upsells. Only facts and reasonable goals, that are delivered in an easy-to-digest form.

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When Creativity Meets Tech.

D vs. M will get your startup the attention it deserves. It uses the most cost-effective and most trusted method - SEO.
Search Engine Optimization is a way to influence search engine results (links that appear after you search something), so that your website appears at the top of the results page. This is the way to get a stream of high-quality leads - people that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer! For example - if you'd create an app that allows users to rate dog toys - and then you'd get your website to appear at the top of Google for the keyword "best dog toys", you'd get a huge stream of highly targeted visitors!
With SEO you can get hundreds, or even thousands of such visitors each month. But to be succesfull, it's crucial to let a true expert do his magic. And that's where I come with an honest, and clear offer. It's straightforward - there is only one package with no upsells or power-ups. It's backed by 14 years of my experience in digital marketing. I'll grow your keyword positions in Google in a safe way with a well-thought long term strategy.

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Transparent Offer

  • ✔  Onsite Optimization
  • ✔  Offsite Audit & Monitoring
  • ✔  One-To-One Calls
  • ✔  Keyword Research
  • ✔  Rank Tracking
  • ✔  Clear Reporting
  • ✔  Email Consulting

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$295 /month

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Many brilliant developers struggle with marketing, so I am trying (by being both marketer and programmer) to help them get their project in front of their audience. Programming is challenging enough - tech founders shouldn't need to learn complex growth strategies over the years. Thanks to this tech-founder-oriented no-fluff service, you can pass your growth strategy (in the form of SEO) on to me. D vs. M is about tech founders finding a friendly and plain service that understands their needs. No more agencies obsessed with upsells and get you hooked up on things you don't even need. It's affordable, it's complete, it's for you.

You should commit to at least 6 months of D vs. M (and never to less than 3 months), so you can see the results (that's are industry minimums for high-quality white hat SEO). SEO is a long-term process, and usually first results that I can track will appear between the 2nd and 3rd month. Most of the time, from the 6th month onward, D vs. M will be delivering the best results. There is no contract, though, so you can cancel anytime.

It's simple - you can cancel anytime! There are no contracts. But you should be ready to commit to at least 6 months of service to see actual results. If you want to cancel, you can send me an email or do it yourself from your PayPal account.

You can change your keywords/URL before the new billing month starts if you need to. This should be only requested if, for some reason, you've changed the domain or project you want to work on. Just remember - I'll do a complete SEO, meaning you don't need to worry about things like URLs or changing keywords every few months. When (rarely) required, I'll do it for you, and I'll let you know about it.

No, unless there is an emergency. I'm an SEO consultant - I'll show you how to get results, how to optimize your website, and how to stay on the "light side of the force". I'll create manual, highest-quality links in specific scenarios (malicious attacks by competitors), but only after confirming it with you and letting you know the strategy. Do note that link-building is not part of my service, and it'll be performed only on rare occasions as a last resort. If you are interested in obtaining links, I'll assist you and manage the process for you.

Google is very sensitive when it comes to poor-quality links. It can penalize your site or even black-list it for using cheap links and methods. These kinds of backlinks are always automatic, spammy, and catastrophic for long-term strategy. They can and will harm your website. Even if they sometimes give short-term success, they'll end up being a disaster in the long run.

All methods used by me are entirely legal/white hat. Nothing (including manual link building) is achieved while breaking the Google rules. You have nothing to worry about - it's about the stability and long-term goals here! Quality over quantity.

I'm available to you - ask the questions (even ones that are going beyond SEO), and I'll get you your answers if I know them! I have extensive marketing knowledge, and I'll happily share. My customers always get a premium treatment :)

I'm not a content creator, and content creation is not included in the D vs. M service. I always encourage constant content creation to improve SEO and improve the results of my work. I can point you towards some content creation companies with good reviews (companies that I have no affiliation with). I'll encourage you to create a small blog with a few articles, so we have an "anchor" for SEO power.

There is a saying - you should start doing SEO with the first line of code written. As long as you have a domain bought and a simple website created - I can start working on your marketing right away! The sooner, the better, yet it's never too late! Just get to it, don't bet on Product Hunt or other explosive mediums - you need to get a steady stream of visitors rather than a few minor spikes.

I'll never require access to your backend or code. Whenever a change is needed, I'll send you a request to explain how to achieve it. Your code is yours, and since this is a service aimed at developers - you surely don't need help with minor changes to your front-end. Note - most requested modifications will not affect visible parts of the website (they are usually minor changes to HTML only - meta tags and inner links mainly).

SEO is a powerful path to a stable flow of the highest quality traffic. No one can determine how much traffic you'll get exactly -it's dependant on your niche size. "Ship Welding" niche will have much smaller audience to tap into, than "yoga classes". The website owners I work with seek to get hundreds of targeted visitors a month after around 6 months of SEO work performed. Contact me so I can create an estimate for you!

Since there is no binding contract, and you can leave at any time, I offer no refunds.


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